The Ultimate 360 waves guide: part 3

chapter 5

Washing Your 360 Waves

360 waves dye

360 waves guide: Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

Intro to 360 waves

Chapter 2

360 waves Moisturization

Chapter 3

Holding Your Waves Down

Chapter 4

Brushing Your 360 waves

Chapter 5

Washing Your 360 Waves

Chapter 6

360 Waves Wolfing

Chapter 7

360 Waves Haircut

Chapter 8

360 Waves Methods

Chapter 9

Advanced 360 Waves Tips


shea moisture shampoo

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I gave up normal shampoos with sulfates in them and switched to this. Wow. My hair got really soft after

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TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo, Moroccan Argan Oil


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Aussie Moist Shampoo with Pump

aussie moist shampoo

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shea moisture conditioner

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TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Conditioner

This is a good & affordable conditioner, which works well with African American hair. 

A lot of shampoos are made for fine hair. But this Conditioner works well too with our kind of hair.

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Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

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Aussie Minute miracle

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nexxus moisturizing conditioner

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner

This is one of my favorite conditioners. This product contains African Black Castor Oil. Castor oil is known for promoting hair growth. 

This conditioner has great hydration properties. So it will leave your hair super moisturized.

However I don’t recommend you use this conditioner as a beginner. Your hair doesn’t need this much moisture for now. 

I will let you know in the methods chapter, when to use this leave in conditioner. 

For now just stick to the rest of the other conditioners I recommend.

shea moisture conditioner

Suave Professionals Conditioner, Almond + Shea Butter

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suave conditioner

Co Washing

360 waves haircut

Instead of using shampoo & then a conditioner to wash your hair. 

You could instead use a co washing conditioner. This means washing your hair with a conditioner only.

Using shampoo tends to strip your hair of natural oils & moisture.

Washing with a conditioner helps reduce moisture loss from your hair.

And plus a lot of these co wash conditioners are full of natural ingredients & add more moisture to your hair. 

Here are my list of my favorite co washing conditioners:

As I Am Coconut Co-wash Cleansing Conditioner

as i am co wash

Key Ingredients: Tangerine, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Saw Palmetto and Phytosterols.

Take Away

Get a shampoo & conditioner, grab any from the list above & start experimenting with your hair. 

If you are on a budget I suggest just using any conditioner to do only co washing.

Later on when you get some dough, you can test out the expensive natural stuff. 

Don’t over think this, just pick any shampoo & conditioner from the list & start waving

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chapter 6:

360 Waves Wolfing

360 waves

The major Key Ingredient for how to get 360 waves…is Time. Time for growth & maturity of your waves.

You might be wondering what the term wolfing means. Is this another series of vampire diaries…No not at all! 

Before we getting into defining terms. Lets just do a quick recap of what we have learned about forming waves.

360 waves process

We know waves form from the stretching of our hair strands using a brush. 

And to aid in that stretching of those hair strands easily, we need moisture.

This is why we get hair moisturizers. And we know once moisture makes contact with our hair. 

It tends to try to recoil back to its original state.

This is how waves are formed. From the constant battle between as stretching our hair. 

And our hair resisting & coiling back to its natural state.

waves vs curls

Wolfing Explained

Here is where we need reinforcement in the form of pomades & durags.

To help us hold our stretched out hair strands in place. 

This process of brushing & holding our hair down eventually forms waves.

So back to wolfing, wolfing is a termed we coined in the wave community. 

This simply means going for long periods of time, without cutting your hair. 

While at the same time you are doing all you can to lay your hair down. 

So you basically grow your hair wild like a wolf lol

Why is this necessary or important?

360 waves

360 Waves Hair Development

Imagine growing tomatoes in your back garden. And every time you see little green tomatoes forming. 

You get so excited & go cut down your tomato plant & start eating those tomatoes.

First of all that will be extremely gross lol Second, you would have acted prematurely without giving your tomatoes time to grow & mature. 

Now you will be forced to start all over again, wasting time & all the progress you made.

This is the same principle when it comes to getting your waves. 

The longer you wait to have a hair cut, the better. This will ensure you maximum your wave development.

Go Long Without A Hair Cut

360 waves 21

This will bring maturity & depth to your waves. 

Trust me, your waves will look incredible if you hold on before rushing to get a new hair cut.

So you might be wondering, how long I should go without cutting my hair. 

Depending on your hair & how fast it grows this may vary. 

But remember this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Gradually you will do this.

360 waves pattern

360 Waves Haircut Schedule

This is a sample schedule you should follow, for when to cut your hair:

For example if you get your hair cut, every 2 weeks. 

Try holding on for another 2 more weeks, & get it cut in 4 weeks time.

The next stage of wolfing will involve going for longer than you did previously. 

So if you went 4 weeks without a haircut. For stage 2 try going for 6 weeks without a haircut.

For the 3rd stage if you went 6 weeks for stage 2, for the 3rd stage go for 8 weeks. 

A lot of folks will have a hard time going that long without a haircut.

360 waves

Wolfing Strategies

The longer you go without a hair cut the harder it becomes to lay your hair down. 

This is the part where you will start using the hard brush to get your hair to lay down. 

Because the hard brush will be firm enough to reach deep into your hair.

When you finally get your hair cut, all your hard work will pay off. 

Because you would have trained your hair to form a deep 360 waves pattern. 

Wolfing helps with the connection of your waves. And also brings depth to your waves.

360 waves

Important tip, the longer you wait to have your hair cut the better. 

Your waves will be trained more effectively & you won’t loose all your progress from all that brushing. 

In the next chapter we will examine how to get your hair cut.

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chapter 7:

360 Waves Haircut

360 waves haircut

Who doesn’t like a fresh cut? 

This is when you get to see all your hard work you being putting in. 

A lot of folks when they begin waving, get frustrated when they don’t see waves after a couple of weeks.

360 waves haircut

Hidden 360 Waves

Trust me, if you have been putting the methods to work. 

The waves are there, they are just hidden deep underneath your hair.

When you finally cut your hair, you will reveal these hidden crop circles. 

It’s such an amazing feeling. So I wanna encourage you, if you follow the methods I will be revealing to you.

You will for sure get waves, just be patient. 

As you train your hair, it is slowly starting to wave up without you realizing.

360 waves haircut

Haircut With The Grain

When you go to the barbers to get your hair cut…make sure you let your barber cut your hair with the grain. 

This simply means he should cut your hair, the way you have been brushing.

360 waves haircut

He should not try to go opposite of what you have been doing. 

For example a lot of barbers, try to cut your hair..from the front to back.

Totally opposite of what you are trying to do.

This will just chop of any progress you have made up to that point. 

And you might be forced to start from square 1. So don’t be timid when comes, to telling your barber what you want.

black barbers

Build A Relationship With Your Barber

Let him know you are trying to get waves. And just show him how you brush your hair. And tell him, he should cut your hair that way.

I know a lot of barbers are so intimidating. They just order you round.

And the barber just assumes he knows what you want. Remember you are paying money for your haircut.

So you should have your hair cut the way you want. If you have barber who doesn’t respect you. 

Simply take your business somewhere else. 

I know we can get lazy sometimes, & we get stuck with a barber. Just because it is convenient for us.

360 waves haircut

For a pro tip to get on the good books with your barber. 

Always tip them, sometimes even pay him double. If you do this, your barber will give your preferential treatment.

And he will more inclined to make sure you get the best haircut. 

He might even start giving you tips to help bring out those waves lol


It’s all about relationship building, your barber is gonna be a major part in your wave journey. 

So you might as well make friends with him.

Overtime he will see what you are trying to do. And he will help your achieve your 360 waves goals.

360 waves haircut

Cut Your Own 360 Waves

Another route you can take is to cut your own hair. It ain’t that hard…just like anything it takes practice. 

But then again, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself yet.

So first master getting your waves. Then later you can experiment cutting your own hair, after you have your 360 waves pattern.

trump 360 waves

Make sure you barber doesn’t give you a low cut. If you are wolfing try not to go lower than a guard number 2. 

We want to train our hair further to be wavy. So don’t get too excited on your first hair cut..And get a really low cut.

You will chop off all the progress you have made. So make sure you don’t go lower than a 1.5 guard. 

Ideally your hair should be maintained at a guard number 2.

360 Waves Hair Length

360 waves process

Obviously if your hair is not longer that…then just go to the next lower guard, that is a 1.5. 

So maintain your hair between 1.5 & 2 guard.

Also keep a journal on your phone when you get your hair cut. 

So that you can know when you should get the next one. 

You can take selfies of your cut & store it on your phone.

how to brush 360 waves

So that you can monitor your progress. And see what methods are working for you. 

And which ones are not. We will talk more about this, in a later chapter.

Alrighty in the next chapter, we are entering the most fun part of this book. 

This where all we have been talking about comes together. 

We will put all the principles & techniques we have learned into a practical method…you can use everyday to form those deep 360 waves you desire.

how to get 360 waves

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This is more than a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle

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