the ultimate 360 waves guide: part 4

Chapter 8:

360 Waves Process Methods

360 waves process

360 waves guide: Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

Intro to 360 waves

Chapter 2

360 waves Moisturization

Chapter 3

Holding Your Waves Down

Chapter 4

Brushing Your 360 waves

Chapter 5

Washing Your 360 Waves

Chapter 6

360 Waves Wolfing

Chapter 7

360 Waves Haircut

Chapter 8

360 Waves Methods

Chapter 9

Advanced 360 Waves Tips

Congratulations!! for making it this far. This is the best part of the whole book. 

But it was necessary for us to establish a foundation prior. 

If you straight away jumped to this section without reading the preceding chapters, you wouldn’t understood the 360 waves process

wave check

Here we are going to discuss various 360 waves Process methods. We gonna start with the beginners blueprint. 

I call them wave formulas, because everything we have learned comes together to form a wave method.

So we blend everything to come up with a workout routine. This is similar to working out. 

You might know what to eat. But for you to be effective, you must know the right kind of exercises you need to perform.

wave check

So without further ado, we will begin with the beginners method. 

If you are new to waving, you will begin here. Don’t skip ahead, because those methods wont be as effective.

Unless you start at the beginning. You need to learn how to walk before you start running.

360 Waves Process Beginners Blueprint

360 waves taper

For the beginners blueprint, we are only going to need 2 products. But first let’s talk about one of these products. 

The pomade I highly recommend for beginners is the 360 style pomade.

360 style

This is the perfect pomade for you to start waving. Unlike most pomade, this pomade also can act as a moisturizer. 

Not only will it hold your hair down, it will also add moisture to it. 

Which we already discussed is a necessary ingredient for waves.

This pomade is super light & washes off easily, without causing lots of build up. 

So we will begin our waving journey with this pomade.

The next item, we will need is a medium brush. It could be any brand from the ones which I recommend earlier. 

If you are kinda confused which one to get. Just grab a medium Torino Pro brush. They are the perfect beginners brush.

torino pro brush

After you have a brush, you will need to grab a face towel. Just regular good ole face towel.

Lastly you will need a durag. Pick one from the ones I recommended earlier.

Step 1-360 Waves Beginner's Blueprint

Soak your face towel in hot water. Take it out & let it cool down for a few minutes. 

So that it is not too hot. Because you will be putting this on your head.

So make sure it is not too hot, to melt your dome lol. Because you still want it relatively warm, squeeze the water out of it. 

Then just put it on top of your head. Covering most of your head. 

Then just dub it around the different sections of your head. Sort out of like you patting your hair down.

Alternative method: 

Soak the face towel in cold water. Squeeze the water out, just leave little. 

Then put the towel in the microwave for 2 mins. Let it cool down a little bit, so that it is comfortable to put on your head.

360 waves method

Step 2- 360 Waves Beginner's Blueprint

Use a dime size of your 360 waves style pomade. Rub it
between your hands until it melts. 

Then just apply it on the different sections of your head. Do this the way you brush your hair. 

Make sure the pomade is evenly distributed around your head.

how to get 360 waves

Step 3- 360 Waves Beginner's Blueprint

Grab you medium brush & start brushing. 

Follow the brushing chart we talked about. And depending on what schedule you on. 

The first brush session can be for 10 mins or 15 mins. 

Or however long you want, depending on how much time you got.

360 waves brushing

Step 4- 360 Waves Beginner's Blueprint

Put on a durag to wrap it up. This finishes your first brushing session for the day. 

If you cannot wear a drug because of work…that’s cool, but make sure during your evening routine you wear a durag.

deep 360 waves

When to do this method

I recommend doing this method early in the morning, as your morning routine. Before you go to work/college/school. 

Then during the day, just keep brushing your hair.

You won’t need to apply pomade every time you need to brush. You just do it once a day when you wake up. 

The good thing about this pomade, is that it doesn’t cause a lot of build up. 

You will be washing your hair twice a week. So it is fine to use this pomade once a day.

I recommend you stick to this method for at least 30 days, before you think of trying out any of the other methods in this guide.

Keep doing this method, until you start seeing ripples of waves form in your hair.

This will be a sign your waves are starting to form. Don’t stop now, just keep doing what you were doing.

360 waves haircut

Master 360 Waves Process Fundamentals

Then after you have mastered brushing, & this method…you can then start trying the intermediate blueprint methods. 

We will discuss more of that in the coming chapters.

Pro Tip-you will go through your pomade pretty fast. 

So instead of every time going back to get more…especially when you buy stuff through amazon. 

You paying the same price for shipping for one can of pomade or 10 cans of pomade.

So I usually like buying my stuff in bulk, so I never run out. 

So I recommend buying like a pack of 3 at a time if you can. 

This will save you a lot of money instead of buying one pomade at a time. 

You know you will need more pomade. So you might as well buy enough to last for a while before restocking again.

how to get 360 waves

Like a told you before make sure you carry brushes everywhere. 

Have a couple of brushes in your car, in your bag, in your office. Have them everywhere, so that you will be ready anytime.

Brush every where to, on your lunch break, when working tv. 

When listening to your boring friend talk about politics lol. Find opportunities & times to brush your hair.

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360 waves female

This is one of my favorite methods. It helps to make sure you waves are always super silky smooth. 

It adds so much definition to your waves.

I recommend you perform this method at night, when you are home. 

Do this before you go to bed & when you wake up, your waves will be popping.

This method can be used as a beginner all the way to advanced. 

For a beginner you don’t need to do this method right away. You can stick to the beginners method for a while. Then add this method after 2 weeks.

This method is super simple, you need only just one product to make it work. 

First you need to get a spritzer bottle. Or if you have a girlfriend or any female in the house. 

Just grab one of their used bottle of product, which comes in spray form. The bottle will need to be empty though lol

spray bottle

Next We will need a very good leave in conditioner. 

There is quite a few I recommend in the shampoos & conditioner section. 

But for this method, I recommend one particular leave in conditioner. 

The SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner.

shea moisture conditioner

This product is simply awesome, filled with great oils which are good for your hair. 

And the most important thing, this conditioner will give your hair a tonne of moisture.

Lastly you will need good ole water, yup we don’t call it the h2o method for nothing.

360 waves

360 Waves Process H2o Method Steps

Step 1-Put leave in container in the empty sprinter bottle. Just add up to a 1/3 of the empty bottle. So don’t do too much. You will need to guesstimate here.

Step 2-Fill the spritzer bottle with water

Step 3-Shake the mixture together to ensure the leave in conditioner mixes with the water.

Step 4-Spray your hair with the spritzer, & have it moist. Don’t drench your hair with this. Just have like a light mist spray all over your head.

Step 5-Brush your hair as you normally do. You can do a 10 min brushing session or 15 min brushing session.

Step 6-Durag your hair, & Call it a night

Step 7-Wake up in the morning, take the durag off & notice how your waves are dippin. 

Then just do your regular morning method. You can either do the beginners blueprint or one of the intermediate methods.

The beauty of this method lies in the use of less product. And having your hair super moisturized during the night.

Try it, this method is great!

In the next chapter we will examine the intermediate wave methods. 

As your wave training progresses, your methods will change too. So you will move from beginner to intermediate & Intermediate to advance.


360 waves taper

At this stage your wave journey would be progressing nicely. 

You make the transition from beginner to intermediate, when you start noticing your waves forming.

When you can start seeing like a basic wave pattern emerge…you make that leap to intermediate. 

Also usually after your first cut, I recommend you move to the intermediate blueprint. 

Here you will be using a method which will help take your waves to that next level.

So what is involved in the intermediate blueprint? The emphasis of intermediate blueprint, shifts to the quality of your hair & waves.

In the beginners blueprint all we cared about, was to establish a brushing routine. And a comfortable wave training method. 

Using just 360 waves style pomade was more than effective for training your hair.

360 Waves New Growth

360 waves haircut

But after your first cut, your hair will start experiencing new hair growth.

And you will need new methods to train that new growth to develop into waves. 

Also in the intermediate blueprint, we will place lots of emphasis on moisturizing your hair.

This helps in the developing of those silky dark waves. 

Plus the kind of hair products we will use will be mostly natural products. This will ensure you have healthy, thick waves.

Lets get down to the steps needed for this method.

Step 1-Intermediate blueprint

You will need a hot rug, like we did for the beginners blueprint.

Soak your face towel in hot water. Take it out & let it cool down for a few minutes. 

So that it is not too hot. Because you will be putting this on your head.

So make sure it is not too hot, to burn your noggin lol. Squeeze the water out of it. 

Then just put it on top of your head. Covering most of your head. 

Then just dub it around the different sections of your head. Sort out of like you patting your hair down.

Alternative method: Soak the face towel in cold water. Squeeze the water out, just leave little. 

Then put the towel in the microwave for 2 mins. Let it cool down a little bit, so that it is comfortable to put on your head.

Step 2-Intermediate blueprint

We will be using Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. This is perfect for the intermediate level. 

I will tell you why. We already talked about how moisture helps our hair elasticity.

shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

The shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie takes it to another level. It is a thick moisturizer which forms curls in your hair. 

And all we need to do is brush down those curls, to form waves. This product is the bedrock of the intermediate level.

So apply liberally all around your head, just the same way you brush your hair.

Step 3-Intermediate Blueprint

Brush down your hair, for 5 mins until the moisturizer soaks in your hair.

Step 4-Intermediate blueprint

Apply a dime cold label pomade (Wave & Scalp Butter) This pomade is simply awesome. Made of organic natural ingredients. 

So you know this not only good to hold your hair down. It is also has good nutrients for your scalp & hair. 

That is why we use a hot rug, so that our pores are open. And these natural hair products can penetrate our hair follicles.

premium wave scalp butter

Step 5-Intermediate blueprint

Brush your hair down following your brushing pattern.

Step 6-Intermediate Blueprint

Durag for the day or the night.

Step 7-Intermediate blueprint

If you are doing this method during the day. For your night routine, you can either use the h2o method. 

Or just apply Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. 

And brush your hair down for your night session, then durag it for the night.

As long as your use only a moisturizer for the night routine, you will be fine. 

So you can use either the h2o method for the night. Or just use the curl enhancing smoothie for your brush session. Don’t use pomade.

Pro-Tip==>You will definitely run out of these products super fast. 

Like a said before, make sure you buy them in bulk from Amazon to save money on shipping, plus bulk savings.

So there you have it, that is the intermediate blueprint. Which will take your waves to another level. Plus your hair will be super healthy too.

We ain’t done with the intermediate level yet. This is where majority of the methods are going to be.

In the next chapter, we will examine a shower routine for the intermediate & advanced level. Stay tuned!

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360 waves swirl

This Method will give you waves like a cyclone.

Your hair is at the most weakest state, easy to manipulate into waves.

But you don’t need to be precise here. And the brush you use need to be like a shampoo brush, nothing harsh.

This method is recommend for the intermediate stage of your waving. 

I don’t recommend using this method as a beginner, because at the early stages of waving your don’t wanna add too many elements to your training. 

Once your hair starts getting used to wave up. You can start adding more elements to help with the training.

The Shower method aka cyclone formula will have your waves spinning like a cyclone. 

And this method works great after your first cut. It will be perfect for training your new hair growth how to wave up.

360 waves swirl

As a beginner just stick to washing your hair regularly twice a week, nothing special here. 

Just use shampoo & a conditioner. Or just use a conditioner for Co-Washing.

For the intermediate level, you will need to start incorporating the shower method aka cyclone formula into your hair washing routine.

This method involves several products & steps. So lets break it down.

Below are the products you need to get with this method.

1. Shea Moisture Leave in conditioner-This conditioner is a moisture powerhouse. 

This will leave your hair super hydrated. And at this stage of your wave game, lots of moisture is what you will need to train your hair.

shea moisture conditioner

2. You will need a good shampoo from the shampoo list

I recommend you go with Shea Moisture Jamaica black Soap Shampoo. 

This shampoo is super dope & works great with shea moisture leave in conditioner.

shea moisture shampoo

3. Stocking Cap

stocking wave cap

4. I recommend you get the Shampoo brush. 

This will be awesome for shower brushing. This is like plastic bristles brush, it is not harsh to your hair.

shower brush

Remember when your hair is wet, that is the period when it is easy to train & manipulate to form waves. 

So brushing your hair in the shower, is great for the speeding up the formation of your waves.

But at the same time, when your hair is wet. It is at it’s weakest point. 

So we don’t want to be harsh without our hair during this period. 

That’s why I recommend a shampoo brush, something less harsh to brush your hair with.

Never use a hard brush when your hair is wet. It is just to brutal & might just scrape your hair off. 

So stick to something soft. You can use your cheap Diane brush in the shower too.

Just know those brushes won’t last long. Water tends to ruins most brushes. So stick to plastic shampoo brushes.

Remember you don’t have to be so precise with your brushing in the shower. 

You can only do this method for 5 mins, or 10 mins. 

You don’t want to be brushing your hair too long, when it is as it’s weakest state.

Cyclone formula aka shower method steps

Step 1-Shampoo your hair in the shower. Just rub shampoo around your hair, the way you brush your hair.

Step 2-Brush your hair while it still has shampoo on, for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse the shampoo off.

Step 3-Apply shea moisture leave in conditioner. Then brush your hair for 2-3 minutes.

Step 4-Put on a stocking cap on your wet hair. Carry on showering or doing something else while you leave the stocking cap on for 5 mins.

Step 5-Remove your stocking cap. Apply a dime size of Cold label pomade. Brush your hair for 5 mins.

Step 6-Put on a durag

Step 7-For the rest of the day, depending on when you do this. Just brush your hair normally & durag.

So there you have it. You will use this method twice a week when you wash your hair. 

Overtime you will be training your hair to form those cyclone 360 waves.

At this stage, whenever you wash your do the cyclone formula.

We are getting towards the end of our methods. In the next chapter, we will be discussing advanced methods to use during wolfing.

When you start surpassing the intermediate level its time to start using advance methods. 

Remember the intermediate blueprint methods can be used at any time.

You should not stop using intermediate methods, just because you are now using advanced methods. 

You carry these knowledge & methods with you to the next stage of your wave journey.

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deep 360 waves

I would like to issue a disclaimer. Though this is an advanced method. 

It is really a method you use when wolfing. 

I would say during your second stage of wolfing, when your hair is overgrown.

The reason for this method, is to help tame your overgrown hair.

Remember we said it is easier to train hair to form waves from a low cut.

After several weeks, your hair will be overgrown & it will be hard trying to get your hair to lay down. 

That is why at this stage, you will need extra help to lay your hair down. 

And continue with your wave training process.

Let’s discuss the tools of the trade for this method. Most important tool in this method, is a comb. 

You will need this in conjunction with your brush to help stretch out your hair strands.

When you hair becomes overgrown, it just becomes difficult to stretch out all hair strands.

That is why you will tug team your brush with a comb. 

Depending on your hair length & thickness, this comb will vary.

For most folks a fine tooth comb will work here.

These are the steps necessary for this method.

Step 1-Use a hot rug, to open up your hair pores, so that it will be easy for moisturizer to go in. 

You will need a hot rug, like we did for the beginners blueprint. Soak your face towel in hot water.

Take it out & let it cool down for a few minutes. So that it is not too hot.

Because you will be putting this on your head. So make sure it is not too hot, to burn the itch out of you lol.

You still want it relatively warm, squeeze the water out of it. Then just put it on top of your head. 

Covering most of your head. Then just dub it around the different sections of your head. 

Sort out of like you patting your hair down.

Alternative method: Soak the face towel in cold water. Squeeze the water out, just leave little. 

Then put the towel in the microwave for 2 mins. 

Let it cool down a little bit, so that it is comfortable to put on your head.

Step 2-apply Shea moisture Curl enhancing smoothie liberally all over your hair.

Step 3-Use a comb to comb your hair the way you brush. Don’t comb your hair up, comb your hair down based on the brushing chart.

Step 4-Use a medium brush to brush your hair down.

Step 5-Apply cold label wolfing pomade, to seal in the moisture you just applied. Brush your hair the you would normally do.

Step 6-Durag your hair.

Step 7-Using a spritzer bottle full of water. Spray a mist of water on top of your durag. 

This helps with the closing of your hair pores. And also adds extra moisture to your hair.

I recommend you do this method at night, or when you are at home, so that you can use a durag. 

For this method to work effectively you need to durag your hair afterwards.

The Combo Cocktail Method

360 waves taper

Yeah we do come up with creative names for our wave methods. 

This method is to used with the wolfing method above. And it involves the use of the 3 wave brushes-Soft, Medium & hard.

Step 1-So You start off brushing your hair with a hard brush For 5 mins.

Step 2-Then you switch to a medium Brush. For 5 mins

Step 3-You finish your brush session with a soft brush for 5 mins

You can use this method with the h2o method or intermediate blueprint.

The key difference here is that you will be using all 3 brushes instead of one. 

This will help in the maximum laying of your hair down.

We have almost reach the end.

All of this is might look overwhelming. But over time you will get used to it. In the next chapter, I will give you an action plan to make this journey easier.


360 waves female

Wow I’m so proud of you. You made it this far! Many people talk about change, but they are not willing to do what it takes to get there. 

You my friend have what it takes to get 360 waves.

I want to use this chapter to clear up some things for you. And help you have a fast start in getting those slick 360 waves.

First things first, despite all that you have learned. This won’t amount to anything. 

Unless you do one thing. You need to have this mindset if you are gong to get waves.

And that is TIME & Patience…if you view everything from this lens, dude you will have the most incredible waves you can only imagine.

I know we live in an ADD society where everything has to be fast. 

Fast food, dudes want to get chicks fast lol everything just gotta be fast. 

And deep down we know anything that comes fast, sadly doesn’t last that long.

kevin durant head

It is like the hiphop industry…would you rather be that fast rising artist with a one hit wonder. 

Or an artist who has slowly being grinding & hustling their way to the top? Time builds character & skill.

And this is the kind of attitude you need to have while training your hair.

It won’t happen overnight, but be patient & know all your hard work is working. 

Keep grinding, keep doing the methods & brushing.

And within a short period of time you will be glad you stuck up with it.

Don’t give up just because you have no waves in a week or two. Keep brushing, I promise you bro, you will get waves.

360 waves bald

Don’t drop the brush & walk away pissed off saying these methods don’t work. 

They do work & have worked for 1,000s of dudes. You gotta put in the work.

You can’t just gotta grab a protein shake & hit the gym for a week. And start getting mad wondering why you ain’t ripped. 

It’s all about consistent & persistency that is the big secret.

Let me show you how to go about this…

Become A Hair Scientist

wave doc

I have talked about a lot of products & methods in this book. But I do recognize you are an individual. 

Though these methods have worked for 1,000 of folks. 

They might need to be customized for you. And I am going to show you how to do this.

We all don’t have the same hair. Our hair does not grow the same way. 

Our heads are not shaped the same lol all these might have an effect on how different methods work for you.

360 waves

Test Different Hair Products

That is why I recommend to become your own hair scientist. 

Only you can figure out how your hair grows. And what reactions certain products have on your hair.

Only you can judge which methods work best for you. 

And through experimentation & testing out these methods, you will find a sweet spot on what is working.

That’s why I recommend you have a wave journal to track your progress.

In this journal you will track how certain methods worked for you. 

You will track which products work best for your hair. 

There is no guess work here, you will write everything down in your journal.

Document Your 360 Waves Experiments


You can get a digital notebook to be your journal. I recommend you get a FREE Evernote account. 

This is an online digital notebook that works on android & iPhones. 

Use that with your phone to track progress you making on your wave journey.

Get the Evernote app either from the google play store or iOS app. 

Go to to learn all the beautiful features of Evernote.

Become A 360 Waves Expert

old man waves

Test out the various products I recommended one at a time. Don’t go nuts & buy everything. 

Buy one product at a time & test it out for 2 weeks & see the effects it has on your hair.

For the first month while doing the beginners method. 

Don’t be distracted doing any other method focus only on that method. 

And just write down your thoughts on your wave journal.


You might for example discover, when your brush your sides downwards…it works best for you than at angle.

As your own hair scientist, really take time to study your hair. Notice how it grows. 

Use a mirror to really trace your hair growth pattern. Master this pattern for your brushing routine.

As you move to the intermediate level. And start experimenting with various products. 

Make sure you write down the effects of those products on your hair. Monitor them & see what works & what doesn’t work well with your hair

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360 Waves Process Mini Ritual

360 waves taper

Finally I want to share a mini brushing session for busy professionals.

People who are super busy, but they still want waves. 

But they are not willing to put the time it takes to get them.

I have a simple mini ritual you can do everyday to ensure you get waves.

Just know your wave journey will take a little longer, compared to someone who puts in lots of time, & that is ok.

I have ritual for you which involves brushing for only 15 mins on a daily basis. 

You will divide this time into 3 brushing sessions.

Morning Session-5 mins
Afternoon Session-5 mins
Evening Session-5 mins

You will get waves using this brushing schedule, it will take awhile but you will get them.

360 waves haircut

Final Word

That is it for now, go out there & start applying the methods which apply to you. 

For a beginner, start at the beginners blueprint. If you already got waves go to the intermediate blueprint. 

For wolfing strategies follow the advanced blueprint.

I am here to help you along the way, whenever you need support. 

I will still be sending your 360 waves tips on your email. 

If you have not yet signed up for my 360 waves newsletter, sign up below. 

Share this guide also with your friends & family who want to wave up. 

Also leave me your comments below. I will try my best to answer them.

I wish you the very best in your 360 waves journey.

All the best, Stay drippin

It’s Ya Boy! 

Wave Doc

wave family

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