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(Including lots of advanced 360 waves methods never shared anywhere before.)

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360 waves

360 Waves Brushing Guide

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360 waves guide: Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

Intro to 360 waves

Chapter 2

360 waves Moisturization

Chapter 3

Holding Your Waves Down

Chapter 4

Brushing Your 360 waves

Chapter 5

Washing Your 360 Waves

Chapter 6

360 Waves Wolfing

Chapter 7

360 Waves Haircut

Chapter 8

360 Waves Methods

Chapter 9

Advanced 360 Waves Tips

chapter 1:

Intro to 360 waves

360 waves

How Do 360 Waves Form?

I think this is the most important chapter in the whole guide. 

Because once you understand how a thing works, it becomes easier to make diagnosis when things go wrong.

Principles are so important in anything you learn. 

If you want mastery in any subjects. Always learn the principles. 

Principles are the constant theory or system of how something works.

For example one principle for building a great body is…80% of it is diet & just 20% working out. 

If you knew this, then you will know where to focus most of your attention. 

Ok let’s dive into the principles of how 360 waves are formed.

A wave is basically a straightened curl. And from learning the history of black hair. 

We know black hair is super strong & versatile. And another important characteristic of black hair, is that it is elastic.

You can stretch it, pull it & compress it. And it will always resit & try to go back to the form it was before.

Just like a rubber band, when you pull it, it stretches. But when you let go, it snaps back to its original form.

This is a crucial characteristic of black hair. This feature of our hair is what helps us form 360 waves. 

I will explain this is a second. Another awesome feature of black hair is…it is tightly coiled up.

360 waves

The Elasticity Of Black Hair

The hair strands are not super straight like straight hair. 

The hair strands in black hair are compressed into tightly coiled up hair. 

And this ladies & gentlemen is what will help us get waves.

Ok let’s bring together these important features of black hair. 

The elasticity of black hair…and it being tightly coiled up. 

This is the combination which opens up the safe of 360 waves.

First off waving involves stretching out of your hair strands to make them wavy. 

While we attempt to stretch out those hair strands…the will always be a resistance. 

And our hair strands will snap back to their original form.

Waving involves stretching out those hair strands over time. 

This is what is called 360 waves training. Because your hair strands won’t form waves overnight.

They will always resist the stretching & snap back in place. 

But just like how you stretch a rubber band the first time…and it snaps back in place.

When you do this over a period of time, the rubber band elasticity starts to loosen up. 

And when you stretch it, it will give up & stay in place.

This is exactly what will do to our hair.

It is a training process, that involves training your hair strands to remain stretched into a curl wave. 

We don’t want to stretch our hair strands all the way to be straight.

360 waves process

That is why black hair is good for wave training. 

Because even if you stretch it over time, the will be still some elasticity left in it to form a wave. 

When it snaps back, it won’t go all the way, it will form a wave curl.

So there you have it. Waving is just a process of training your hair to form wave curls. 

And this training involves some tools & time. 

It’s just like going to the gym, you work out a muscle over time.

And you feed your body the right nutrients. 

Then your muscles will start forming. Your hair too is like a muscle with hair memory. 

When you train your hair to form waves over a period of time, it will start growing wavy on its own. 

So you wont need to put in a lot of effort when your 360 waves show up.

Wave Length: The Right Hair Length For 360 Waves

360 waves hair cut

Now that we are familiar with the principle of wave formation. 

We need to move to the next stage of the wave training. 

And that is the right hair length to begin getting 360 waves.

A lot folks make the big mistake by trying to wave at the wrong hair length. 

So we gonna clear this up real quick…

I like going back to the analogy of going to the gym & trying to get muscles. 

Because the principles of working out & having a great body are parallel to having waves.

So let me ask you a question. Who do you think will have an easier time getting ripped?

An obese dude weighing over 200 pounds. Or a skinny guy that weighs 100.


The obvious answer will be the skinny guy. 

Because he has less of an uphill battle to grow his muscles. 

The obese dude has too lose tremendous weight plus start teaching his body to build muscle. 

This is like teaching an old dog new tricks. 

It can be done but it will be an uphill struggle.

This applies to getting 360 waves. You hair length matters a lot. You need to get the right 360 waves haircut

If you try getting waves with overgrown hair. 

You are like that obese dude lol You hair will fight you all the way.

Remember one important feature of black hair is elasticity. 

And when your hair is overgrown, that is when it is so elastic.

So it will be difficult trying to tame those curls to form waves. 

So your wave training process should begin when your hair is at a low cut. 

This is like bringing a puppy home & house training it. This is the perfect time for that.

360 Waves Process


So begin your 360 waves process with a low hair cut. 

Don’t cut all your hair off. There is no sense in that, there will be no hair to train lol

But begin your waving training from like a guard 1.5.

A guard size is basically the clipper cutting guard barbers use to cut hair.

The higher the size, the longer your hair will be. So like a guard 0 is a bald cut.

A cut 1 is like a light Caesar. A 1.5 is where your hair is short but not bald.

360 Waves Training

360 waves haircut

You basically want to begin your wave training before your hair gets unruly. 

You want to train it to start forming waves, from the early stages of your hair growth.

So first thing, you need to do is cut your hair to a 1.5 guard. 

Just ask your barber to give you a Caesar. 

Or show him the photo above, or this one below & he will know what to do.

360 waves haircut

In the next chapter, we will look at the tools necessarily for this training process. 

Remember your hair is like a muscle, & you need to train it to grow wavy. 

And just like in the gym you have various equipment for various training. 

We too when getting waves, need the right tools to train our hair muscles to form waves.

360 Waves Brushing Guide

Get FREE instant access to the 360 waves brushing guide. Discover hidden secrets of how to brush your hair to form perfect 360 waves. And exclusive 360 waves tips delivered straight into your inbox. Enter your email below to download your guide.

chapter 2

360 Waves Moisurization

iight y’all! We are making steady progress towards our waves goal.

Did you know, that over 60% of your body is made of water.

So I don’t need to tell you the importance of moisture in your body. Your very survival depends on it.

For you to develop those luscious, silky 360 waves…moisture is major key.

Without moisture it will be hard to develop your waves.

Moisture provides friction free stretching of your hair strands.

360 waves female

360 Waves Curlfication

When you have moisture in your hair, it helps assist in the pulling of your hair strands to form waves.

Another crucial role moisture plays, is in the curlfication process. Yeah I know, curlfication. 

Yes! I made this term up. So before you rush to your dictionary trying to find out what it means. 

Let me explain what this means.

As black folks you know when you take a shower. Your hair begins to coil up or curl up so fast. 

Our hair instantly reacts to water by not being straight but by curling up.

how to get 360 waves

On the other hand, if you apply heat it straightens up. 

This is also true for other hair textures. 

But for black hair, water tends to coil up our hair strands.

And this is so important in our 360 waves formation. 

So moisture helps in the stretching of the hair strands, by acting like a grease in helping us pull our hair curls out.

360 waves

Also moisture helps curl our hair. You might say this is an oxymoron…a total contradiction. 

But it is not. We need help stretching those hair strands.

But waves don’t just form from stretched out hair strands. 

Those hair strands need to coil back to form those waves.

So water helps add super elasticity to our hair & make them curl back to form waves.

how to wash 360 waves

Moisture is important to help maintain healthy looking & strong hair. 

Without it, your hair will be dry & just full of dandruff. 

So the side benefits of getting waves, is that you actually get to take of your hair. 

And help build a healthy & irritation free scalp & hair.

deep 360 waves

Moisture is what gives your 360 waves that silky look. It helps improve the texture of your waves. 

So it’s important it is included in your wave training process. 

Or else it will be difficult to form those 360 waves you desire.

how to get 360 waves

There 2 important sources of moisture, needed for our wave formations. 

First source is through using hair moisturizers

That work perfectly with 360 waves (this is so important) So we are not just picking any moisturizer.

The second source of water to our hair is through… you guessed it, washing our hair.

And also we will be using the right shampoos & conditioners to ensure we don’t strip our hair of preexisting natural oils.

In the next section we will look at the different moisturizers which are perfect for your wave formation. 

These are the moisturizers I recommend you should get

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

This will be the staple product in your wave arsenal. 

This product gives far superior moisture than any other product. 

Of course that depends on your hair type. 

So you will need to test it out to see how this product works for you.

• Contains Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and sweet Hibiscus.
• Restores moisture, reduces frizz and detangles hair for bouncy, healthy curls.
• Made with natural and certified organic ingredients.
• It smells great.
• It’s very moisturizing and a little goes a long way.
• It will give your waves that shinny look.

Some people say this moisturizer dries their hair out. 

That’s why I have provided a couple moisturizers below to test out. 

This might not work for everybody.

As I Am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer

as i am double butter

This is another moisture powerhouse. If the Shea moisture didn’t work for you. You need to get this. 

This is a butter, so it is a little bit thick compared to the usual moisturizers.

Ingredients are: Cocoa butter, Shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, sugar beet root, wheat germ oil, vegetable glycerin, wheat protein, panthenol, and lanolin.

• Locks in moisture
• Gives dull dry hair softness, shine and manageability
• Contains pro-vitamin B5, known as panthenol, to help repair split ends and strengthen hair.
• It smells good too, & it refreshes your hair. It doesn’t leave it greasy or oily.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream

Cantu shea butter

Helps curl up your hair, which we need in the waving training process. 

So that we can stretch those curls to form waves. 

This product has a strong coconut smell, you may like that or not. 

That should not be an issue since this is a moisturizer & you will use it in combination with another product.

• Helps dry, damaged hair
• Provides intense moisture and strength
• No mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates, gluten, paraffin, propylene glycol, PABA or DEA

Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme

This is the real OG moisturizer in the wave game. When I first got waves back in the day. 

This moisturizer was the only thing which worked great.

When new products come out, a lot of people tend to hop on the new wave. 

And they forget stuff that used to work & it’s still working today.

This is the only moisturizer that works well for almost everybody.

The beauty of this moisturizer, is that it is so neutral you can mix it with many products. 

And that includes other moisturizers too. This combo will
pack a killer moisture punch to your hair.

• Contains No petroleum jelly used that can clog hair follicles.
• Hollywood carrot creams is formulated with beta carotene to help restore your hairs natural beauty and shine.

Traci Loren Naturals Wave & Curl Butter

360 waves cream

I saved the best for last. This is a must have in your stash of wave moisturizers. 

This moisturizer will help give your 360 waves that dark wet look.

Plus the business is black owned. So you know i’m going to support that. 

Make sure you cop several of these. And support this great business.

Ingredients: Muru Muru Butter, Tucumu Butter, Avocado Butter, Marula Oil, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Butter, Jojoba Oil, Soy Butter, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Fragrance, Tea Tree Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Frankincense Oil – Absolutely no parabens, silicones, mineral oil, or petroleum

Here are some reviews of the product


Love this product, from the way it smells, how it makes my hair smell and look. Gives good shine, and great moisture

Best product I used since I been waving. I put it in my hair and so results in 2 days.

Bought this butter after it was recommended to me and loved it! I personally think it has a fruity scent with nutty/chocolatey undertones. It’s light to the touch and melts in your hands allowing you to apply it to your hair evenly without “clumping”. Leaves my hair shiny and helps keep it moisturized!

BONUS: PB THE GOAT MERCH Goat Drip Moisturizer

pb goat merch

I had to include this as a bonus, because the moisturizers are bit on the high price. 

But nevertheless these are really good moisturizers from a black owned business. 

You know I have to support our own doing their thang.

Poppy blaster is a famous waver in the wave community. And has put in lot of work in developing his products which are hand made. Please go support this brother.



360 Waves Brushing Guide

Get FREE instant access to the 360 waves brushing guide. Discover hidden secrets of how to brush your hair to form perfect 360 waves. And exclusive 360 waves tips delivered straight into your inbox. Enter your email below to download your guide.

chapter 3

Holding Your 360 Waves Down

Let’s discuss further the wave training process. 

Remember we said waves are just stretched out hair strands which become wavy over time.

And we have already established that our hair is super elastic. 

And tends to resist stretching by trying to go back to its original state.

Like we said before when you stretch a rubber band. 

If you let go, it will snap back to its former state. This what happens to your hair, when we stretch it out.

360 waves

360 Waves Rubber Band Effect

But we don’t want it to go back to its former condition. Because if it does we won’t form waves. 

Therefore we need to find a way of holding those stretched out hair strands in place.

And this is why we need pomade. Pomade helps hold our stretched hair strands in place. 

And prevent them reverting to their original state. This helps in the forming of waves.

360 waves products

To summarize again, we stretch out our hair strands. And hold them in that stretched state using pomade. 

And if you pay attention to the pomade we use for waves. It tends to be thick in nature. 

So that it will be adequate to hold your hair in place.

deep 360 waves

3 Types of 360 Waves Grease & Pomade

Pomade comes in 3 varieties depending on the length & texture of your hair. 

If you have short hair or medium hair texture you will use a light pomade. 

That should be strong enough to hold your hair strands in place.

When your hair becomes overgrown or is super course. 

You will need a strong pomade to make sure your hair lays down.

Then of course you have medium hold pomade for medium texture hair. Or hair which is not overgrown.

Even though these pomade come in different holds. 

You can still use any of them at any stage of you’re waving process.

The only disclaimer I will issue, is to reserve using a strong hold pomade only during wolfing. Or when your hair is super grown.

I will explain this further later. Just know for now, pomade helps lay your hair down. 

It holds down those stretched out curls in your wave training process.

360 waves moisturizer

Another benefit of pomade, is it acts as a sealant. It helps seal in or lock in Moisture in your hair. 

So when you use a moisturizer. Over time due to evaporation & other factors that Moisture leaves your hair.

To reduce that so that your hair is not always dry, make sure to seal that moisture with a pomade. 

Due to its thick form, pomade acts as a barrier reducing moisture escaping your hair.

Ok let’s look at the pomades I recommend for your wave training.

Luster's S-Curl 360 Style, Wave Control Pomade

360 style

This it the ultimate beginners pomade. 

This is the go to pomade I recommend to all my clients when they get started waving. 

It provides great moisturizing though it’s a pomade. Plus the hold is great. 

I will talk more how to use this pomade, in the beginners blueprint later on in the book.

But make sure you get this pomade, as your first pomade purchase

Premium Wave and Scalp Butter

premium wave scalp butter

This is one of the few pomades made specifically for forming 360 waves.

The people who make this pomade, seem very knowledgeable about the process of training your hair to wave. 

It has a good hold, that helps lay down you hair. And gives your hair a nice sheen.

It might seem expensive, but trust me this pomade is worth it. And a little goes a long way. 

This pomade really helps train your hair to wave faster.

Plus I like how it only has natural products. 

No Mineral Oil or Petroleum are used in this pomade.

Another important thing, this pomade smells great. It is not an overpowering scent. 

Just a nice fresh scent, kinda like a good cologne. 

It is super light & easy to apply to your hair, it just melts easily when you rub it between your palms. 

And it doesn’t cause a lot of build up, so it will be easy to wash off.

According to their website PREMIUM WAVE & SCALP BUTTER is one of the most nutrient-rich hair butters on the market today. 

Their product assists by maximizing your natural wave pattern. 

It conditions the hair by softening it and allows it to lay with just enough hold. 

The oils provide a light, healthy, non-greasy natural sheen.

Cold Label Wolfing Pomade

Cold label wolfin pomade

As your hair grows longer & you start wolfing ( see more of this in the up coming chapters) 

You will need a pomade which is a bit strong to lay your hair down. 

As your hair grows, the more you gotta double up with your wave training. 

This pomade provides you with that right hold, you need for your waves. 

Compared to the wave butter, this is a bit thick with a strong hold.

Ingredients In This pomade:
* Raw Shea Butter
* Organic Beeswax
* All Natural and Organic Ingredients
* No Petroleum
* Essential For Waves

“It features raw organic honey for strength & moisture retention, & East African Castor oil to support strong growth. 

The Shea Butter & Hempseed oil are added for softness. 

Our improved Wolfing Pomade features an addition of deep conditioning soy, jojoba, and the antimicrobial safflower oil. 

It also features the classic Premium scent!”

Sweet Jamila-Shea Butter Glaze

Xotics by Curtis Smith – Sweet Jamila Hair

This is one of my personal favorite pomade. This pomade provides both moisturisation & hold for your hair. 

And on top of that, I just like the way it smells.

This pomade definitely improves your hair texture to give you that dark silky look. 

Plus the ingredients in this product are super nutritious for your hair.

360 Waves Durags & Stocking Caps

ski mask durag

Are durags a fashion statement? 

When it comes to getting waves, durags have a functional use. 

In this section we are going to examine the role durags play in your wave formation.

We already discussed how we use pomade to hold our waves down. 

But that by itself is not enough. Due to the elasticity of our hair strands. 

We will need further reinforcement to ensure our hair remains lay down right.

Only just using a pomade & nothing else to lay our hair down, will work only for a moment. 

Then our hair will slowly snap back to its original state.

deep 360 waves

After we have stretched our hair strands using brushing techniques. 

We keep them in place using pomade & a durag. 

A durag will ensure our hair doesn’t revert back to its natural state.

It also helps in the formation of our wave pattern. After we brush our hair to stretch the curls out. 

The pattern we have established is hold in place using a durag.


So there you have it using a durag is not a fashion statement. 

It is function in your wave training process.

There all types of drugs with different materials. 

All that matters is a material which will help your hair breathe.

So I recommend Statin or polyester durags. If you wanna go high end, silk durags are fine.

silk durag

Some people don’t like durags, because when you tie them, they can be a bit uncomfortable. 

For such folks I will recommend using stocking caps. Because the elasticity is a bit tolerable.

Another unique durag made to combat how uncomfortable durags are, is called a tsurag. 

This is a unique durag that is super comfortable & helps lay your hair down much effectively.


In the next section will examine the different types of durags, Tsurags & stocking caps.

Never, Ever finish your wave training process without wearing a durag.

When it comes to durags, You will need several of them. 

The quality of durags vary from one brand to another. Some last longer, some horrible.

And there is no telling until you buy them. I have tried to narrow it down to the best one’s to try. 

But honestly the quality varies. That is why I recommend buying different brands until you find one which has a good quality.

I have a few recommendations here from Amazon. 

But the best thing to do, will be to go to one of those local sally beauty shops in your neighborhood & grab several.

Support black owned businesses.


I am going to include several black owned durag businesses, you can purchase your durag from. 

Let’s support our own, they may not have the best looking websites. But trust me, their durags are fire. 

So go cop several durags from them.


Stocking Caps & 360 Waves Durag Caps

You need stocking Caps to help with compression. For extra support holding your hair down. 

When your hair is overgrown, you can wear a stocking cap. Then a durag on top of the stocking cap.

You can grab stocking caps from any hair beauty shop. I have included links to some decent ones on Amazon. 

Like I said before, test this out, cuz quality varies a lot. The quality might not be 100%, that’s why you get several of them.

360 waves durag cap
360 waves durag cap
360 waves durag cap 6
stocking wave cap

360 Waves Tsurags

The number one problem most people tend to have with durags, is comfort. 

Especially if you tie them tight. The strings dig into your forehead & the back of your head. 

The worst bit is when it leaves a mark on your forehead. 

A Tsurag was invented to help solve this major problem. 

And the beauty of the Tsurag is, it provides maximum hold on your hair… Without it being uncomfortable.

To get ahold of a Tsurag, you will need to visit their website & check out the different varieties of Tsurags they offer: Check them out below: https://www.tsurag.com/


In the next chapter you will learn how to brush your hair to form 360 waves.



360 Waves Brushing Guide

Get FREE instant access to the 360 waves brushing guide. Discover hidden secrets of how to brush your hair to form perfect 360 waves. And exclusive 360 waves tips delivered straight into your inbox. Enter your email below to download your guide.



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