360 Waves Brushing Guide

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The Ultimate 360 waves guide: part 2

Chapter 4:

How To Brush 360 Waves

I’m sure you have heard you need to brush to get waves. 

Muscle building is basically 80% diet & 20% working out at the gym.

Since we are talking about training our hair. Getting 360 waves is basically 80% brushing, 20% the wave methods & the products which go with waving.

how to brush 360 waves

360 waves guide: Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

Intro to 360 waves

Chapter 2

360 waves Moisturization

Chapter 3

Holding Your Waves Down

Chapter 4

Brushing Your 360 waves

Chapter 5

Washing Your 360 Waves

Chapter 6

360 Waves Wolfing

Chapter 7

360 Waves Haircut

Chapter 8

360 Waves Methods

Chapter 9

Advanced 360 Waves Tips

The Art Of 360 Waves Brushing

The secret to getting 360 waves is mastering the art of brushing. 

Even if you mess up on all the other steps. It really won’t matter that much, as long as you have your brushing nailed down.

how to brush 360 waves

We have been talking about stretching our hair strands to form waves. 

That stretching of our hair strands is primarily achieved through brushing. 

Your brush pulls your hair strands & lays them down on your scalp.

Not only does brushing pull your hair strands, it plays a big role in establishing your 360 waves pattern. 

That crop circle of waves don’t happen on their own.

360 waves

The way you brush trains your hair to form that 360 waves pattern. 

So the direction of how your brush your hair, will determine if you get partial waves or full blown 360 waves.

How To Brush Your Hair To Form 360 Waves

Ok enough of the theory, let as first examine how we brush our hair. 

The way our hair grows is what determines how we should brush our hair.

This is so exciting, because we all have unique ways our hair grows.

That means your 360 waves pattern will be tailored made for you. 

Even if both of us had waves, your waves will be unique to you based on how your hair grows.

All hair growth has its origin from the crown of your head. 

This is that spiral bit on top of your head, where all hair intersects. 

And this will be the point of origin for all brushing.

360 waves swirl

Before we establish a brushing procedure. Let us map out the blueprint for your head & hair. 

When you cut your hair really low, use a mirror to locate your crown. 

Notice how your hair spirals from there to the different parts of your head.

This how you will brush your hair to mimic that spiral formation of your hair. 

So note exactly where your crown is & commit it to memory. 

When you brush start there & just trace the flow of hair.

That is important to always use a mirror whenever you brush. 

This will ensure you are always following the blueprint of your hair growth.

360 Waves Swirl Blueprint

how to get 360 waves

Top Section

For most folks the crown is at the center of their head. 

And from there you brush the top of your head forwards. 

Starting from your crown, your brush forwards to your forehead.

how to get 360 waves

Side Section

Then your brush the sides of the head at an angle, depending on how your hair flows from the crown. 

If you cannot determine the right flow…

Brush your hair at angle from the crown of your head to your ears. Brush at a 45 degrees angle.

Use your right hand will brushing the right side of your head. 

And use your left hand while brushing the left side of your head. This helps with connecting your wave pattern.

360 waves brushing guide

Back Section

Then the back of your head, you just brush downwards from the crown of your head to your neck.

Use the same procedure for the back of your head. 

For the back right of your head, brush using your right hand. 

And for the back left side, brush using your left hand.

360 waves brushing

360 Waves Clock Brushing Blueprint


Think of you’re brushing, the way the hand of the clock moves. Start from the center & move clockwise. 

The clock hand being at 12, that is like brushing on top of your head forwards.

Then 4 o’clock, brushing the sides of your head at angle. 

Then 6 o’clock brushing the back of your head backwards. 

And the same procedure repeats on the other side of your head.

The clock hands move in a 360 degrees turn to cover the whole clock.

This is exactly what we are doing. We are brushing at a 360 degree’s angle but we are doing it section by section.

Top Section
Right Side Section
Back Section
Left side Section

how to get 360 waves

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360 Waves Brushing Guide

Get FREE instant access to the 360 waves brushing guide. Discover hidden secrets of how to brush your hair to form perfect 360 waves. And exclusive 360 waves tips delivered straight into your inbox. Enter your email below to download your guide.

360 Wave Brush

360 wave brush

We have already established our brushing pattern. You are way ahead of 99% of the people out there. 

Before you rush out & grab any brush, just hold on a second. 

Not all 360 wave brushes are created equally, when it comes to your wave training process.

There 3 kind of 360 wave brushes you need for your wave training process.

These are a soft brush, a medium brush & a hard brush. 

And all three of them serve a particular purpose in training your waves.

When you are starting your wave process. You will usually begin with a medium 360 wave brush. 

A medium brush is perfect starting point to use to begin waving.

360 wave brush

Though also depending on your hair texture. Some people will find it effective to begin with a soft brush. 

But for a majority of people the starting point for their wave training is a medium brush.

So the texture of the 360 wave brush, is usually based on your hair length & texture. 

So for low hair & medium texture hair. A soft brush or medium brush will be effective

360 wave brush

But when you start growing out your hair for weeks at a time. A medium or soft brush will not work for you. 

That is where the hard 360 wave brush comes in. This is usually reserved for wolfing sessions (more on that later) and if you have course hair, the hard brush will be for you.

torino pro brush

Just to clarify this further. No matter your hair texture. 

To begin your wave training you will begin with a medium brush. 

This is going to be your new best friend. The medium brush is the most important brush on you’re waving tool kit.

Then as your move further along you’re training, you will see how the other 360 waves brushes come in play.

There a lot of varieties of brushes out there. 

But just because they have medium texture, doesn’t mean they are effective. 

That’s why I’m going to recommend specific 360 wave brushes you should get.

360 wave brush

Not all brands are created equally. The ideal brush should be made of 100% natural boar bristles. 

Avoid brushes made from synthetic bristles.

These are usually too harsh on your hair & scalp. And not effective in pulling your hair strands.

wave brush

Also 360 wave brushes come in different styles. You have ones with handles. 

Military brushes without handles. Long & short brushes. I recommend you get 1 long handle brush. 

Because this is wide enough to cover more surface of your head.

wave brushes

Second 360 wave brush you should get is either a portable military brush or short handle brush. 

These are easier to put in your pocket. So that you can be brushing anywhere whenever you can.

360 wave brush

Another very important point to remember is to never use a brush with broken bristles. 

This will mess up your wave pattern. Because where the bristles are missing will not be dragging any hair strands.

So you will be partially brushing your hair. 

So at all cost when a brush has broken bristles. Just get rid of the brush & get a new one.

torino brushes

When it comes to 360 waves brushes, not all brushes are created equally. 

Different 360 wave brushes have different build & quality. 

Just like you got different kinds of cars…you got luxury cars & budget cars. 

Both can take you from point A to B, but the ride will be totally different.


This is the same thing with wave brushes. 

And I am going to recommend the different premium quality 360 waves brushes. 

Sort of like the rolls Royce of brushes. I gotta warn you, these brushes ain’t cheap.

rolls royce

But the quality & the results they produce is amazing. 

I will also recommend to you Budget Friendly 360 waves brushes.

Though these brushes may be cheap, they produce tremendous results.

You don’t need to spend a tonne a money to get slick waves. 

For some folks these budget friendly brushes will be all they need.

how to get 360 waves

But I will recommend if you can afford it, you invest in at least one of the premium 360 wave brushes. 

And you will see the difference it makes to your waves. You won’t regret it!

Another Important Pro Tip: 

When selecting any 360 wave brush, make sure you get brushes with bristles lined up straight in rows. 

Do not get brushes with bristles all over the place.

The bristles need to be in a straight line. And should be place in rows of. 

This will have an effect how your waves form. So don’t just grab any brush, pay close attention to the bristles.

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360 Waves Brushing Guide

Get FREE instant access to the 360 waves brushing guide. Discover hidden secrets of how to brush your hair to form perfect 360 waves. And exclusive 360 waves tips delivered straight into your inbox. Enter your email below to download your guide.

Premium Quality 360 Waves Brushes

crown quality brush

Crown Quality Brushes-CQP

This will be probably the best investment you will ever make for your waves. 

After you use this 360 wave brush, you will never go back to your ordinary wave brush. 

The unique feature of this brush is, how the brush curves.

This ensures constant contact with your hair strands at all times while brushing. 

It contours very well to the shape of your head. You know we have round heads, not square ones. 

So this brush naturally works with your head shape.

Here are some reviews on this brush:

“The premium is great for laying your hair down, the softy was the best for connections. The medium is good for course hair texture, if you got good hair the softy is hard enough to work as your medium and the premium is super soft so it would work as your soft brush. The hard brush was super hard at first but it softened up with time, the Dianne hard brush is still the hardest brush of all time”

“If you want to improve your waves overall..Then get this brush..its worth it. Once you get one of these brushes you will fall in love with it.

When I got it I used it on my weak side and noticed that it started to wave up.The ONLY problems I have with the brush was the medium was hard for my scalp that I had soften it up…And the paint chips if you leave it in water for a long time.… But yeah if you don’t mind the price it’s really
a nice brush”

This brush is often referred to as the “king of brushes” by wavers. I recommend this 2 CQP brushes you should get.

360 Gold Mixed Boar

cqp 360 wave brush

This is a medium 360 wave brush, but does feel like a hard brush. I will get this brush to use when you start wolfing. 

Otherwise it might be too hard to begin with. It does say it is a medium brush, but I will say use this when your hair is grown out. 

Or you can soften it up a little by holding the bristles under hot water. 

Make sure water doesn’t come in contact with the brush. 

Or else the brush will crack. So just angle the brush under water, so that only the bristles come in contact with water. 

If you got coarse hair, this brush will be perfect for you.

Premium Crown Quality Brush

360 wave brush crown quality

This is a soft brush, which can be good for starting your wave journey if your hair is soft. 

But the most important use of this brush will during wolfing. 

It is good for finishing your brushing session with. It helps improve the connections of your waves.

The Rolls Royce Of Brushes: Torino Brushes

torino pro medium brush

Every 360 wave brush here in the premium section has its own unique advantages. 

And for Torino brushes, one thing that stands out…Is it’s exceptionally pull. 

Perfect for super stretching of your hair strands. For maximum waves training.

Here are some Reviews:

“This is the best brush for Digging into all the layers of your hair because the bristles are SUPER long”

“Amazing medium brush. Love the long bristles and the pull really helps lay my hair down”

Torino Pro #220-Medium Brush

torino pro

Though it does say it is a medium 360 wave brush. I found this to be in between a medium & soft brush. 

So when you get this, you can use it for low cuts.

Then when your hair grows out, just use it as a soft brush.

Torino Pro #180 Boar Bristle Paddle Hard Reinforced Hair Brush

torino pro brush

Although this brush, says hard brush. But this is more of a medium brush. 

So you can start waving with this brush as a medium brush.

There's more...

torino pro brush

Royalty Wave Brushes

These are premium quality 360 wave brushes, you can’t go wrong with any brush you pick. 

Just grab any medium & any small brush. They have tonnes of brushes I can’t list all of them here.

But you will be good with any brush, as long it’s a medium & a soft brush.

royalty 360 wave brush
royalty 360 wave brush
royalty 360 wave brush

Honorable Mention: 360 Wave Process Brush

This brush is made by a waver. Plus he is a black young enterprenuer. So you know I have to support. Go grab you a few brushes & support this brother. He got a wide variety of brushes, you can pick from.


Kingston Grooming Brush

kingston wave brush

This is a superb brush similar in design with the CQP brushes. It has the same curved designed. 

This brush is a medium, so it is perfect for beginning your waves training process with. 

Here are some reviews on this brush:

“This a great brush the quality is superb I highly recommend this brush. It is a medium brush and the curve fits perfectly to your head. It is very similar to the CQP brushes I have. But this is just as good for a better price. Took my waves to another level”

So comfortable for a baby to use.

“ This is perfect. The size is just right and the design makes it easy to deal with a squirmy little person and keep a grip on the brush… But the bristles are the best part! 

They do such a good job with her long, baby-fine hair and there hasn’t been a single night crying over hair brushing
before bed. Thank you for adding a little peace to our bedtime routine. Very happy with my purchase”

“Good brush!!! It really pulls my hair while laying down my 360 waves. The brush loses a few bristles, but that’s to be expected at first. Very comparable on CQP look. I plan on purchasing many more brushes by Kingston Grooming Co”

Kent Brushes

360 wave brush

When it comes to premium quality, it doesn’t get better than Kent brushes. 

This brush is made to the highest standard, built to last for decades. 

I will highly recommend you invest in one of these brushes.

You don’t need to get it right away, but later on in your wave game cop one of this. You will not regret it at all.

The Kent brush is made in England, so you know quality control will be on point. 

Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes are renowned for their outstanding reputation and remarkable title as the world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer.

Here are some Reviews On this brush:

“I first purchased one of these in 1987; twenty-eight years later I am buying the same brush. This is the first time I have had to replace it”

“This is a superb brush of the very highest quality it will last you decades.”

kent brush

“In a world where every thing is disposable where nothing it expected to last. THIS DOES.”

I recommend you get the MG3 model, because it has that medium texture perfect for waving at any stage. 

It is cheaper to get this from Amazon, than the Kent website.

360 Waves Brushing Guide

Get FREE instant access to the 360 waves brushing guide. Discover hidden secrets of how to brush your hair to form perfect 360 waves. And exclusive 360 waves tips delivered straight into your inbox. Enter your email below to download your guide.

Budget 360 Wave Brushes

360 wave brush diane

Diane Brushes

I kinda have mixed feelings recommending the Diane brushes. 

Because recently the quality of their brushes has dropped substantially. 

Diane used to be the OG 360 Wave brush. But there has been lots of complaints on their bristles falling off. And their brushes not lasting that long.

Hopefully they have improved on their quality. Otherwise I recommend you test a few for yourself. 

They are not that expensive, so it’s easy to test a couple for yourself & see if the quality has improved.

Here is a great review comparing the CQP brushes & Diane Brushes.

“Diane aka Dirty Diana’s = queen of brushes. Sometimes wavin is chess sometimes it’s checkers.
One puts the queen as most important, one the king. It’s all about where you are in the wave game and what you need at the moment.

I felt like the Diane made me want to brush more and the crown made me want to brush slower for connections.
The Diane I feel helps me be more precise with the crown area while my overall pattern is helped by the CQP brushes.

So for some people, they seem to be fine. But only you can be the judge. 

The problem with most corporations is that, when they have something that works. 

They tend to try to mess with it. Sadly this is happening a lot to Diane brushes. 

But I will still recommend you test them. Because it also depends on the batch you get.

You should get the following Dianne brushes for Your Test: If you can go to a beauty store & feel the bristles on these brushes. 

Get a medium, a soft & a hard brush. Or just cop one from amazon & test it out.

Dianne 8119-Medium brush

360 wave brush diane

Diane 8169-Soft brush

360 wave brush diane

Dianne 8159 hard brush for wolfing stage

360 wave brush diane

Annie Brushes

360 wave brush annie

This has been on a market for a while, same as the Diane brushes. 

The quality won’t be the very best, but that is why you buy several brushes. 

Because they are super cheap, you can afford to have a couple. 

Best get these from a beauty store. Where you can feel them for their texture. 

Because online they might say one thing, then when you get it they feel totally different.

If you have no access to a beauty supply store, Get them from amazon here:

360 wave brush annie

Wrap Up:

You might now feel overwhelmed with all the choices of brushes here. You don’t need to buy every single brush here. 

The wave game is about training your hair & slowly discovering what works with your particular hair through a process of experimentation.

That is why I will recommend to buy just 1 brush if you are getting started. 

Just grab a medium brush to begin with. 

If you can afford it, get the torino brushes, these brushes are just perfect for waves. 

If you are on a budget start with a Diane brush.

Then after your first cut, grab a soft & hard brush. But first just start with the medium. 

Use it for a month. That is enough time to know You if that brush suits you. Or if you will need to switch to another brand of brush.

So don’t buy all brushes at the same time. Just test 1 at a time.

Honestly any brushes here will do, just make a choice & start your waving process.

360 Waves Brushing Sessions

360 waves female

You might be wondering how long should you brush your hair. We have learned how to brush right. 

And the right kind of 360 wave brush to use. Now lets put all of this together.

We have established brushing is the major key for developing waves. 

This is where you will be doing the bulk of your work.

We all have different schedules & time. We therefore will need to be strategic with our brushing for a major impact. 

To put this plainly to you. The more you brush, the faster your waves will come in.

360 waves

But you don’t need to be in a rush with your wave formation. Take your time & build a great 360 waves pattern.

I do recommend to brush for an hour on a daily basis. 

Hold on before you start saying this is impossible, I will show you how to accomplish this.

Also I have another brushing session for people who really don’t have time to put on that work. 

At the bare minimum you should be brushing your hair at Least 30 minutes on a daily basis.

You don’t need to brush for an hour or for 30 mins all at one go. 

I recommend spreading out brushing throughout the day.

wave check

1 Hour Brushing Sessions

You can break it down into 4 brushings of 15 minutes each. So through the day, whenever you get 15 minutes free time. 

You put in the work for those 15 minutes. This is how your brushing sessions could look like.

Morning sessions – 15 minutes
Afternoon sessions-15 minutes
Evening session-15 minutes
Before you go to bed-15 minutes.

360 waves hair

30 minutes Brushing sessions

You can divide that 30 minutes into three 10 minute brushing sessions.

Morning session-10 mins
Afternoon session-10 mins
Before you go to bed-10 mins

Pick whatever brushing sessions suits your schedule.

deep 360 waves

Remember you can brush anywhere. 

That’s why I recommend getting one small portable brush. Take your brush with you everywhere.

• You can brush your hair while watching tv.
• You can brush during your work/college break.
• You can brush while sitting on the bus going to work lol

wavers after brushing

Just open your mind, & you will see endless possibilities of places you could brush. 

Plus it will take you a few days to get used to it. Then it will be second nature to you. 

That 1 hour or 30 minutes brushing sessions will fly by so fast.

Feel free to brush for longer period of time, if you do choose so.

Getting waves is fun & not a burden. Just customize the brushing on your On time. Don’t make it seem like burden. 

When the waves start spinning you will be glad you put in the work.

Lastly after each brushing sessions try to durag your hair. If you cannot because of work. 

Remember when you get home, throw on that durag.

And never, ever go to bed without one.

In the next chapter we will examine when & how to wash our hair.

360 Waves Brushing Guide

Get FREE instant access to the 360 waves brushing guide. Discover hidden secrets of how to brush your hair to form perfect 360 waves. And exclusive 360 waves tips delivered straight into your inbox. Enter your email below to download your guide.



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This is more than a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle

Amazon Associates Disclaimer: As An Amazon Associate I Earn From Qualifying Purchases.

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